Gloucestershire Bike Project

Leaflet Distribution Case Study

Glos Bike Project

Organisation Background

The Gloucestershire Bike Project is a not-for-profit social enterprise which sells used bicycles that have been refurbished to an exceptionally high standard. All profits from the Gloucestershire Bike Project fund its community work – such as bike donations to local good causes and carrying out cycle repairs at community events.


After years of advertising in the local newspaper, donations of used bicycles to the Gloucestershire Bike Project began to dry up, with only a trickle of cycles being donated to the social enterprise each year.

The slow decline of donations was possibly because fewer people bought and read the local newspaper. Whatever the reason, one thing was certain – the Gloucestershire Bike Project had to adopt a new marketing approach, if it was to survive.


The Gloucestershire Bike Project decided that the best way of ensuring local residents were made aware of their work was by delivering a leaflet directly into their hands. They therefore commissioned the services of Dor-2-Dor for two consecutive distributions which were targeted to specific areas in Gloucestershire.


After a fantastic response from the initial distribution, the second campaign of over 6,000 leaflets, generated an overwhelming number of bike donations to the Gloucestershire Bike Project. In fact, the response rate has been so overwhelming that they are struggling to keep up with the amount of used bikes they now need to refurbish!

Responses to the leaflet distribution campaigns are also still continuing to come in, even though it is now over three months since the last drop.

Maureen Parker says:

“We are really very happy with Dor-2-Dor’s distribution services. We couldn’t have imagined generating the volume of donations that we have.

Dor-2-Dor’s service is very reasonable, but the response rate we have had is priceless!

Without a doubt we will continue to use Dor2Dor for our marketing in the future. We can rely on them and completely trust their service.”

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