The Curry Centre

Leaflet Distribution Case Study


“We were the first Indian restaurant in Buckinghamshire. The Curry Centre is a family business going back 30 years. When my grandfather and father came to England their aim was to own their own restaurant. At one point they had five restaurants and were well known in the Bengali Community.”

“The restaurant has been passed down through three generations. traditionally, in comparison to other oriental outlets, Indian restaurants had been down graded and associated with a place to go after the pubs close. Our aim was to create a restaurant experience that was a class above that, with authentic Bengali cuisine. Now, our reputation for fine Indian dining is firmly established. Our purpose was to create a name for ourselves and to maintain our reputation. We’ve been here a long time, we are original and honest and we have one of the best restaurants in High Wycombe.”

How would you describe your promotion?
“Restaurant menus initially but then DOR-2-DOR started to distribute editorial flyers for us with discount voucher, promoting restaurant dining.”

What did you want to achieve?
“In 2002 our business took a dip so we needed to generate more customers. Marketing in newspapers had failed to generate a good response.”

How many households and which areas was your material delivered to?
“Distribution varies from 5000 to 20,000 (when we want extra exposure) on average, 10k a month are delivered on a flexible basis, to householders in the High Wycombe district.”

Over what time scales was your leaflet distributed?
“Our business benefits most from continual distribution spread over four weeks.”

What results did you see?
“As a result of one campaign we saw a 30% improvement in business. The 2006 summer campaign saw our weekend takeaway business improve by 80% and positive word of mouth became much stronger.”

How would you describe your D2D experience?
“Whenever we give something to Peter we get results. He takes extra care; he knows that we can’t afford to lose leaflets. He provides consultancy and gives us good ideas on how to make improvements across the board, he has worked alongside us to help us be successful.”

Would you recommend DOR-2-DOR and/or use our service again?
“Yes, if the local franchisee was like Peter. He has given us coverage and the confidence to address business issues. The service is reliable. He makes sure the leaflets get through the door of our customers. The service gets people’s awareness, creates a positive image and reinforces our brand.”

Looking ahead, how do you see DOR-2-DOR helping your business achieve its future objectives?
“DOR-2-DOR‘s hands-on approach has continued to be of great support to us. We see Peter Lay (Local Franchisee) as a marketing partner who can be of great help in us achieving our goals.

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