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Chips Away has a huge reputation for handling bumps and scrapes on vehicles, often for less than the insurance excess a customer would normally have to pay.

It is this reputation for excellence that has seen branches and franchise outlets springing up all over the country.

The quality and craftsmanship that goes into every repair job that a Chips Away franchisee delivers means that it has a loyal customer base. But, just like with every franchise, it also needs a serious marketing push at the various outlets to bring in new business.

Christine Dhunna and Dave Head took on the Milton Keynes franchise of Chips Away and tried a number of marketing efforts in order to build new business. They were successful, but they needed a more structured and effective approach to bring in customers.

They contacted Dor2Dor, and found the solution they needed. Geoff Henshall, the Dor2Dor representative in Milton Keynes, knew exactly what to do.

With special ‘locality based’ leaflet marketing, Geoff was able to inform Christine and Dave when a particular location was to receive leaflets. This allowed them to prove themselves and make ready for an increase in demand. It also allowed them to focus on one particular area at a time, and this reduces their marketing costs.

Results have already been good, and Chips Away in Milton Keynes has seen an increase in customers thanks to the leaflet drops.

Dave Head says:
“DOR-2-DOR provide a very reliable service, they have the right people who ensure our marketing materials get delivered professionally, with noticeable results.”

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