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When Selclene Cleaning Services set out to provide a new breed of cleaners who were honest, reliable and competent at their job, Dor-2-Dor were happy to help them in their task.

The success of the business model led to Selclene franchising their operation and so becoming the largest cleaning agency in Britain today.

Selclene franchisee, Blandine Hosker, took over the St. Albans franchise and approached Dor-2-Dor in what was to become a satisfying and long-term business relationship.

With clients to assist and less time to spend marketing, Blandine decided she needed help with the targeting of local areas, where the potential for Selclene was yet to be realised.

Blandine worked hard to promote her business and when Dor-2-Dor stepped in she was beginning to see the fruits of her labour.

Good and dependable cleaners are like gold dust – hard to find and their value to the busy professional can be priceless. One of the first of its kind to recognise this was Selclene.

Using leaflets designed by the cleaning company, Dor-2-Dor targeted specific areas.

The initial response was encouraging, so much so that Blandine continued to use Dor-2-Dor to distribute leaflets once or twice a month. This consistent and repetitive marketing effort built up a strong client base.

A high level of retained business has meant that Blandine has clients who, satisfied with the excellent service they have received, have now been with her for several years.

Blandine says “Dor-2-Dor were recommended to me by the franchisor. My first impressions were that their prices were reasonable and that their service, especially the backchecking was very good.” Once clients experience her company, Blandine says that “the level of repeat business is high”. Her success was highlighted when she expanded her franchise ownership and, now a tried, tested and trusted marketing partner; Dor-2-Dor leafleted the new areas to create awareness and build up a loyal client base of local business professionals.

Blandine Hosker says, “Dor-2-Dor are an excellent company that delivers what they say they will, are very professional, and they will deliver to the areas that you want. They are only interested in offering the best service they can… very prompt, they stick to the schedule… all in all a very reliable company.”

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