Does Leaflet Dropping Work?

Does Leaflet Dropping Work

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About a minute ago, business owners were being told that social media and Pay Per Click advertising was the future when it comes to shouting about their products and services. In 2022, however, it seems businesses are increasingly falling out of love with digital marketing methods, with many going back to basics by getting onboard with leaflet dropping.

While you are undoubtedly familiar with the concept of leaflet advertising, what you really want to know is, does leaflet dropping work?

In this article, we’ll explain the different methods of leaflet advertising and show you just how effective this marketing model is.

Leaflet Dropping Options

If you’re thinking about joining other successful businesses in using leaflet drops for advertising, there are a few things you need to know. First up is deciding what kind of drop you want; your choices are:

  • Shared leaflet drops – As the name suggests, this cost-effective method means that your distribution company will deliver your leaflets along with those from other companies. While this means that customers won’t see your leaflet exclusively, they will still see it, and this tends to be a really cost-effective way of getting your leaflets through letterboxes. If your business is fairly unique or has little competition in a particular area, this is a really good and affordable option.
  • Solus leaflet drops – WIth this method, yours will be the only one delivered during a round of distribution, meaning that attention is more focused on your offering. As you can imagine, as this is a more exclusive method of distribution, it will cost you a little more for an exclusive service – but it can be worth it if there are a few similar businesses to yours in the local area.
  • Business to business leaflet drops – As you would imagine, this involves delivering your company’s leaflets to other businesses. You can also choose to request that the recipient place the leaflet in a window or on a notice board for maximum exposure. This can be a great way of getting your message across while forging new relationships with other local businesses.
  • Hand-to-hand drops – With this model, individuals will hand your leaflet to members of the public in the street. Although this can be effective in some cases, the downside is that busy pedestrians will often simply place the leaflet into the nearest public waste bin.

Does leaflet dropping work?

We mentioned earlier in this article that businesses like yours are turning away from digital advertising in their droves, but why is that? The simple answer is that digital marketing methods are more expensive and less effective than leaflet distribution, particularly for businesses which serve a specific geographical location.

How do we know that? The numbers don’t lie:

  • 48% of people will read a leaflet or flyer which is put through their door via leaflet drops.
  • 79% of people will either keep hold of a leaflet or pass it on to another person.
  • 5% of people will respond to advertising after receiving a leaflet through their letterbox.

These are just a few statistics that show just how powerful a leaflet drop can be for your business – and we should know as we’re experts in increasing visibility and conversions, not to mention profits for our customers.

As a little exercise, pause this article right now and go take a look in your kitchen drawers and cupboards. I would bet almost anything that you’ll find at least one leaflet for a local takeaway or store in amongst your other household detritus.

Leaflet dropping absolutely does work, and there are a number of reasons for this, including:

  • Tangibility – Leaflets are a form of advertising which can be held and kept rather than scrolled past. A large percentage of people will put a leaflet in a drawer or on a pinboard for future reference.
  • Familiarity – When somebody recognises an address or has walked past a business, there’s a familiarity which makes the business seem more trustworthy.
  • Targeting – Leaflet dropping is laser targeted to make sure that it reaches the right audience, unlike digital marketing, which relies on algorithms.
  • Psychology – As humans, we’re hard-wired to keep hold of things (just look at all those TV programs about hoarders). This tends to mean that we will almost always squirrel away a leaflet or flyer and keep it for at least a couple of weeks rather than throwing it away.
  • Personal – When something is posted through our letterbox, our subconscious tells us that this is specifically for us (even though it’s been posted to numerous people), simply because it has come directly to our home. This simply cannot be replicated with digital means.

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Tricks of the trade

In order to get the best results from your leaflet drop campaign, there are a few tricks of the trade that you need to know – and, at DOR-2-DOR, our experienced team will help you to create a flyer that converts. This includes:

  • Choosing an attention-grabbing design and colour to make your leaflet stand out
  • Value and perceived value – offers and discounts which will compel the customer to take action
  • Keywords for addressing customer wants and pain points
  • A killer call to action to get customer’s fingers tapping onto their phone or laptop
  • Double checking contact information to ensure that the customer has a couple of different ways to get in touch with you

When it comes to designing your leaflet or flyer, don’t be afraid to be a little controversial. Often the most successful leaflet campaigns are those which show something from a different angle and, briefly, change the recipient’s way of thinking.

Once your flyer is ready, we’ll put together a distribution plan and agree to a timescale with you regarding how long your leaflet drop will take. We’ll also keep you updated every step of the way to let you know how it’s all going.


The simple answer to the question ‘does leaflet dropping work?’ is a resounding yes. In an increasingly competitive commercial world, leaflet dropping is highly effective, with 79% of people either keeping hold of a leaflet or passing it on to another person. These individuals will generally either look at the leaflet themselves, give it to someone else or keep it for later.

While social media can be a great tool for companies to engage with their audience, it is simply not as effective as leaflet advertising through a professional leaflet distribution company. Long before the internet was even a concept, businesses were snagging customers through leaflet distribution. Studies show that this is still as effective today, as highlighted by our statistics earlier in this article.

At DOR-2-DOR, we have years of experience in putting together leaflet drop campaigns which really convert. We’ll help you to figure out where your target audience lives and advise you on the most effective and cost-effective method of distribution to suit your requirements and budget.

For a free, no-obligation quote, get in touch with our friendly customer service team today. Whether you prefer to create your own leaflets or would like us to do this for you, our flexible team is on hand to help you start your leaflet drop journey and start connecting with customers on your doorstep.

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