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When A Barnes Upholstery was forced to move premises, it lost the unique and branded signage of the former premises, and the phone stopped ringing. What was worse was the fact that passing trade could effectively no longer find the company.

A Barnes relied on passing trade, and it needed a way to get the name of the company out there once more, in front of the right people. So it got in touch with Dor-2-Dor, and for one particular reason.

A Barnes was a company that didn’t have a website and knew that people wanted to visit its store in the real world. This was how it had traded ever since it had started, a leaflet drop seemed like the right thing to do.

Dor-2-Dor created what was probably one of the best leaflet designs it has ever completed. This proved to be incredibly successful, perhaps more than anyone expected. The leaflet was distributed to targeted homes in the local area, in an attempt to encourage people to visit the new premises.

What’s more, it was decided to include a 10% discount voucher as part of the leaflet. This way, A Barnes could monitor how many people were seeing the leaflet, and how successful the campaign was.

The only form of advertising the company has done, the leaflet drop was phenomenal. The phone has not stopped ringing, and the company is extremely happy with the results. A Barnes is considering another, more targeted leaflet drop in the near future.

Speaking for A Barnes Upholstery, Mo Panikar had this to say about the service received from Dor-2-Dor:

“The distribution was a tremendous success; without question. We have been rushed off our feet, and the telephone has been red hot! I wouldn’t hesitate in using Dor-2-Dor again and, in fact, we are thinking about doing additional targeted leaflet drops in the future. The results have been so good for our business that I would recommend Dor-2-Dor to anyone.”

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