Choosing the Most Appropriate Marketing Vehicle for Your Message

Choosing The Most Appropriate Marketing Vehicle For Your Message

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Marketing is vital for every business and it should never be underestimated. It is what links your products or services to your potential customers.

Finding the perfect marketing strategy and weighing in the different tools and methods available is one of the keys to running a successful business.

The world of marketing and advertising has opened up significantly in the past decade or so, this can only mean good things for business owners.

There is now a wide range of marketing tools and methods that vary in function and cost; all you are left to do is identify your needs.

In deciding on which marketing vehicle is best suited to deliver your message, here are some popular marketing vehicles you can choose from:

TV Advertisements

TV advertisements can be quite expensive but this channel remains to be one of the most effective.

There are a lot of people who still watch the television and there are time slots that will target your particular demographic directly. Say for instance you are a confectionery manufacturing company and your target audience are school kids, you would ideally want to air your ad at times when school kids are most likely to be watching the television. Certain time slots can be pricier than others and that is mainly for this reason.

Your television ads should be catchy, something that will reinforce your brand name and your product or service in the minds of the people who watch it. Catchy jingles and witty catchphrases have proven to be effective in doing this.

Social Media

Are you a large business looking for return costumers or are you launching a new product?
Are you a small business wanting to create buzz around your product?

No one can deny the popularity of social media. Its reach is remarkable and not only that, it is virtually free of cost. You have to be witty and quick if you want to launch a successful social media campaign.

You can easily target your ideal demographic and market your products or services to them. You can also easily advertise your business without worrying about space and shelling out money for ad space.

With all that is good with social media, however, there is also a negative. Social media campaigns are black and white, your campaign can either work or fail and recovery can be very difficult. To avoid this, make sure you have a well thought out campaign and an experienced social media team.

Door to door Leaflet Distribution

Door to door leaflet distribution is sometimes considered to be old school marketing but its effectiveness should not be questioned.

Leaflets and flyers, if properly pushed through all the letterboxes in a given locality with a properly considered demographic can yield surprising results.

Through leaflets and flyers, you can give an impactful message with little competition at the point of delivery. Including discounts and offers, can maximise the effectiveness and desirability of the piece and ensure retain ability giving a longer shelf life. Not only that, leaflets and flyers can also easily be shared or given to other friends and family, creating a network of customers in the process.

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