When no news is good news

When No News Is Good News

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with the decline of local newspapers, leaflet distribution steps in…

Both leaflet distribution and newspaper advertising has been time and again predicted to soon disappear as the digital media revolution grows stronger. That notion, though, has been proven wrong.

Print media is still very much in play although it has lost some of its influence, it certainly isn’t dead. With the decline of newspaper sales, businesses have reverted to their old trusted friend—leaflet distribution. Leaflet distribution is not only cheaper than advertising in the papers, but it can also cater to specifically targeted audiences, and you don’t have to shell out more cash for more space.


Most businesses follow a strict budget and advertising can be quite expensive. Leaflet distribution is certainly cheaper compared to its counterparts that offer the similar reach or target the same audience you intend to sell your product to. It is not as cheap as digital media, but it is also not as expensive as advertising on a newspaper or magazine. Since they are such cost-effective tools, you can produce more leaflets from the money you would have spent on putting your ads on a newspaper.

Direct Audience

Advertising on newspapers has been popular because it allows marketers to target right audiences. Newspapers are almost always found in offices, schools and transport services. Not only that newspaper readers come from a wide variety of ages and professions. Leaflet distribution can duplicate that and be more specific about who their ideal potential customers are. In this way, only very few of your leaflets get wasted because you are directly handing them to people who you believe would be most interested in doing business with you. Knowing exactly who to distribute your leaflets to will encourage purchasing tremendously.


Location, location, location. That’s the popular adage in the real estate world. In advertising, it’s all about space. Space is expensive if you want to advertise in a newspaper. This limits the content you can release to your audience. Space in leaflets, however, does not come at the same hefty price. You can have all the space you want to put images of your products and a good summary or list of your pitches and talking points. You can also get creative with leaflet designs and what you think will appeal most to the public.

Customers Trust

Householders enjoy receiving mail even if it is from a marketer. In a world where businesses are running amok trying to get the attention of the people, putting something relevant, and from a local business will go a long way in establishing customer trust and engagement. It is statistically proven that householders love receiving offers and discount from local shops and businesses and leaflet distribution is one of the few ways that can effectively do this.

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