Waste Company Collects New Customers Using Leaflet Distribution.

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A national waste collector and recycling centre called on Dor-2-Dor to raise their profile and gather more customers.

Wastesavers have been the leaders in collecting and recycling waste in the Newport, Cardiff, and Monmouth areas for 30 years. They operate a commercial recycling service for over 300 companies in those areas and supply IT recycling and disposal services for companies across the whole of Wales.

They are well known for operating the award-winning Kerbside-recycling service for the people of Newport, in partnership with the Newport City Council.

However, they are involved in many other areas other than waste collection and recycling.

Wastesavers also provide educational packages for schools and run the PEAK14-18 programme designed to help young people who find mainstream education challenging.

In addition, the Wastesavers charity runs the Reuse Centre in Phoenix Park Newport.

wastesaversBeing involved so many diverse activities; they began to look for a way to focus people’s attention on all of their projects.

Wastesavers wanted a way to raise awareness of their charity, encourage people to donate to the Wastesavers Reuse Centre charity shop and to find new customers.

After meeting representatives of Dor-2-Dor at a breakfast meeting it was decided to enlist their help them with this task.

They explained to the Dor-2-Dor representatives that finding new customers was only to be a part of a leaflet campaign.

Wastesavers were very keen to bring to the public’s attention their charitable activities and the other services they were providing for the community.

With this objective in mind, Dor-2-Dor planned to distribute 12,000, A5, full-colour leaflets in the Newport area.

The leaflet not only carried the information regarding their waste collection and recycling services they were offering ,but also news of the valuable contribution they were making to the well-being of the community by their charitable activities.

The results of this leaflet distribution have been extremely encouraging and Phil Hurst, the Communications Officer of Wastesavers-Newport has this to say:
“I was very happy with the response we received from our leaflet campaign that was part of our ongoing awareness campaign. The service I received from Dor-2-Dor was excellent, and I would be happy to use their services again.”

This is a great example of how effective a well-planned leaflet distribution campaign can be.

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