Sometimes Small is Good

Small is good

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Small is Good
Small is Good

People who use leaflet distribution to advertise their goods and services are always looking for ways to make their leaflet stand out and catch the prospects attention.

It is true that a leaflet printed in full colour with pictures relevant to the product will attract attention. Having it printed on both sides of a reasonably good stock will also add to its pulling power.

Size matters as well.

If their budget will allow them, some marketers will opt for a multipage and large page formats and it’s true that the larger the piece the bigger the impact.

Of course, marketers have large budgets can afford to hire good designers and have their leaflets and brochures printed in large format and they can also afford to have a large print run and distribution.

However, leaflet distribution is not solely for those with the money to have their leaflets printed on the best quality paper and in large quantities.

It is a well-known fact that leaflet distribution is an excellent way for small businesses or one-man operations to promote their products and services on a small budget.

I mention this because recently a competitor delivered some leaflets to my door and among them one stood out from among the other leaflets and the post.

It was not an A4 leaflet printed on both sides of high-quality gloss stock.

It was a small A6 leaflet, printed on one side of a lightweight paper.

The leaflet was advertising garden maintenance and included Jet drive washing, shed repairs, gutter and facia cleaning and a good few other services.
All of this information was included on one side of an A6 size sheet of paper.

I will admit it was not the most striking layout I have seen, but it did the job required of it.

It followed all the all of the rules of AIDA.
A = Attention, D = Desire, I = Interest, A= Action.

It listed all the services the company was offering and clearly listed the contact numbers plus a call to action.

Although it was delivered with other leaflets, all printed in full colour on gloss stock and larger than A6, this leaflet, by the very nature of its size and the weight of the paper, stood out from the others.

Another advantage of its small size was that people, who may need the services of this company in the future, would have no objections to putting it on the fridge door or another place that we all have, to keep relevant leaflets collected from our doormats.

The point of this article is to demonstrate leaflet distribution can work for large, medium, and small businesses.

A small marketing budget should not be a barrier to achieving good results from a well-planned leaflet distribution campaign.

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