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There is the old saying “what goes around comes around,” and Christmas comes around relentlessly every year.

The trouble with Christmas is although it comes round at the same time every year, it often takes many of us by surprise.

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Of course, there are people who are aware of the approaching festival and plan for it throughout the year. These are the people who arrange and plan for all the things they need to before Christmas bears down on them.

However, there are many people who suddenly realise the season of good will is almost upon them, and there are still things to be done.

Unfortunately, many of these people are responsible for arranging leaflet distribution campaigns. They leave the printing and planning of their campaign right up to the last possible minute.

With November well and truly underway, any business that needs to get a leaflet printed and distributed before Christmas should start planning now, if they have not started already.

Printers begin to become inundated with work as many people rush to get their jobs completed and delivered before Christmas.

It is not only those who need campaigns distributed before Christmas who should be thinking ahead.

Businesses who will want to advertise a January sale will need their leaflets printed and distributed as early in the New Year as possible.

Gyms and health clubs also will want their campaigns delivered as soon as possible after Christmas.

They will need to catch all those who have over indulged throughout the festivities and have made a resolution to lose weight or get fit in January. However, we all know how those resolutions tend to fade as the month of January moves on.

Those leaflets need to be through the letterbox as early as possible.

But, although January seems a long way ahead, it is a lot closer than people think when it comes to printing.

Most printers close their doors on Christmas Eve and do not start work again until the first week of January. So anyone looking for a leaflet distribution in the first week of January should be preparing to have their leaflets printed before the Christmas holidays.
I am sure that most people who use leaflet distribution have planned well ahead and are sitting in their offices feeling smug.

However, there will be some who will have left it late but will somehow manage to get everything done at the last minute.

All I can say to those people is remember Christmas comes round at the same time every year.

So what are you waiting for, make your enquiries now!

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