CV Postcodes Covered

Leaflet Distribution in the CV Postcodes

Below you will find the individual postcode districts we cover throughout the CV Postcodes and the locations that are included along with information on the quantities included as part of each postcode sector.
Click the ‘View Map’ button below to view the relevant distribution maps. These maps show the DOR-2-DOR breakdown of each Postcode District and the number of households or delivery points. Maps can be viewed online or printed out as required.
CV1 (Coventry) 14,850 View Map
CV2 (Coventry) 28,450 View Map
CV3 (Coventry) 29,100 View Map
CV4 (Coventry) 13,650 View Map
CV5 (Coventry) 21,800 View Map
CV6 (Coventry) 39,700 View Map
CV8 (Kenilworth) 11,050 View Map
CV9 (Atherstone) 5,650 View Map
CV10 (Nuneaton) 20,500 View Map
CV11 (NUNEATON – Weddington) 22,800 View Map
CV12 (Bedworth) 14,100 View Map
CV31 (Leamington Spa) 14,350 View Map
CV32 (Leamington Spa – Cubbington) 16,300 View Map
CV34 (Warwick) 17,200 View Map
CV35 (Wellesbourne) 3,300 View Map
CV37 (Stratford-upon-Avon) 16,000 View Map
Barford (CV35) 600
Balsall Common (CV7) 3,300 View Map
Bishops Itchington (CV47) 900
Binley Woods (CV3) 1,200
Bishops Tachbrook (CV33) 800
Bulkington (CV12) 2,550 View Map
Barlestone CV13) 1,100
Claverdon (CV35) 350
Harbury (CV33) 1,050
Hatton Park (CV35) 800
Keresley/Keresley End (CV6) 1,300
Long Itchingham (CV47) 800
Market Bosworth (CV13) 1,050
Norton Lindsey (CV35) 250
Shipston-on-Stour (CV36) 2,650
Southam (CV47) 3,000
Stockton (CV47) 550

Why Use DOR-2-DOR in the CV Postcodes

DOR-2-DOR have over 30 years of experience in the field. We can advise clients of the most suitable demographics in the CV Postcodes for the product or service they are promoting to generate the best returns.
It is our job to ensure when we are carrying out our Leaflet Distribution services in the CV Postcodes that all the material is properly and carefully delivered to ensure you get the best return on investment. We understand that our clients leaflets are valuable and great care and cost will have been exercised to create them.

Coverage in the CV Postcodes

High saturation or penetration of your material in the CV Postcodes is of utmost importance to us when carrying out our leaflet distribution service so that we reach as many letterboxes for you as possible in the target zone. This ensures that our leaflet distribution, door drop service reaches many places that other leaflet distribution companies don’t.

We operate the largest network of local franchised offices across the UK, helping businesses and individuals to market their products and services.

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