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“Security Expert and Business Owner of ARC Locksmiths in Knebworth, Hertfordshire, Rob Gray tells us about how his passion for his craft rapidly evolved his business. ‘Locking’ Good and Feeling Secure – In Knebworth”

“Five years ago I got fed up of being managed and decided I wanted to do the managing. As a trained Electrical Engineer with in-depth knowledge of the security industry I had skills and experience to put to good use in my own business. For two years I worked as a mobile locksmith, then I moved into a premise with a workshop, I needed an accessible base where people could drop in. My aim was to become the main company in the area for all things security. As the business naturally evolved we were able to develop a strong competitive differentiation from other suppliers. We had enquiries for security advice, which led to us developing and providing security consultancy, project management capability and training. We could advise on the right products and help devise a security strategy and system to suit the customer.”

“Our reputation has grown through word of mouth and being honest and trustworthy. I enjoy challenge and everything still interests me, the mechanics and strategic elements. When a customer rings me who can not remember the combination on their safe, I see it as a tin box that I have to get into. What drops in your lap you don’t plan and I have been fortunate that the development of the business has enabled me to utilize my skills to the hilt. ARC is a multi purpose business; and we are having an impact nationwide. Aspiring Locksmiths from around the country come to our premise for training; we now have a dedicated training room where we teach our craft to independents.”

How would you describe your marketing promotion?
“Our leaflets had a key cutting incentive – buy one get one free – as an introduction to our services and special offers in relation to our Customer Loyalty Scheme.”

What did you want to achieve?
“We had tried advertising in local publications, it didn’t work for us. We paid someone to leaflet for us and they didn’t finish the job. We wanted to get our name out there, raise general awareness, many local people did not know we existed, we were more likely to get business from people driving past.”

How many households and which areas was your material delivered to?
“Our first distribution was 5000. DOR-2-DOR targeted villages surrounding Knebworth on our behalf; focusing on the more affluent areas in Welwyn Village, Oaklands, Tewin, Tewin Wood and Digswell.”

Over what time scales was your leaflet distributed?
“It was a rapid turnaround, about ten days.”

What results did you see?
“We were really pleased with the response; people came in to redeem the vouchers and rang up for advice on security products and for quotations for installations.”

How would you describe your Dor-2-Dor experience?
“Chris Storey is a friendly guy and cares about his customers. It was a positive experience and we will be working with Chris again.”

Would you recommend DOR-2-DOR and/or use our service again?
“Definitely, Chris is honest and fair and does what he says he will do, and he is prompt with getting on with things, he keeps me involved and interested. You save time, money and get your name out there, and it is helping to grow the business.”

Looking ahead, how do you see DOR-2-DOR helping your business achieve its future objectives?
“DOR-2-DOR distributed 5000 leaflets for us and we were very pleased with the results, the next time we want to have 40,000 delivered. Our aim is to achieve a blanket coverage focusing on the Hertfordshire towns of Stevenage, Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield.”

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