Chips Away

Leaflet Distribution Case Study


Parking is hazardous to your paintwork. How many times have you returned to your parked your car to find it damaged? Packed in like sardines, it’s easily done. Then there’s the threat of vandalism, the annoyance of stone chips and bumper scuffs, all putting a dent in your pocket.
Imagine, your scuffs and scratches disappearing before your eyes, leaving you delighted and your car rejuvenated…that’s the magical process that is ChipsAway. The beauty of Chips Away is the cost, the convenience and the quality of the workmanship. Most jobs cost less than your insurance excess. Your car stays on your driveway and ChipsAway comes out the same day, repairs the damage, and using special chemical paints, makes the chips disappear. A key scratch would be repaired seamlessly with a 3 year guarantee for £130, helping the vehicle to retain its re-sale value, and restoring the owner’s pride.

The sheer brilliance of the business model (and the paint finish) has attracted many people looking for a lifestyle change and to be their own boss. Since its debut in 1998, ChipsAway now has 250 franchisees, reaching from Scotland to Cornwall, including Christine Dhunna and Dave Head, who joined forces when they took on the Milton Keynes franchise in 2002. Christine looks after retail customers and Dave looks after clients in the trade. For Dave it was taking a childhood fascination and making it a commercial reality – He used to re-build and re spray the chassis’ of classic cars.

To raise awareness of the business they advertised in the local press, braved the elements to run promotional demonstrations in Supermarket car parks, and distributed leaflets. From their research into local franchises they had heard of DOR-2-DOR, so when they required letterbox marketing they knew who to contact. Local franchisee Geoff Henshall masterminded their campaign by delivering leaflets on a rolling basis.

Geoff contacts Dave and Christine to let them know their leaflet is going to be distributed in a particular locality which enables them to prepare to meet the demand. The resulting ‘locality based’ calls prove the system works. By being flexible about when and where their leaflets are delivered Dave and Christine have reduced their marketing costs, achieved maximum coverage and built a successful business.

Dave Head said:
“DOR-2-DOR provide a very reliable service, they have the right people who ensure our marketing materials get delivered professionally, with noticeable results.”

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