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Our entire business is based on the successful delivery of leaflets to specific local areas. To guarantee delivery and ensure your leaflets are properly delivered to the households in the areas you’ve selected, we’ve put a number of procedures in place.

But what does this really mean? How do we ensure that your leaflets are properly delivered?

How we achieve this

Here is a little demonstration of what goes on as part of our leaflet distribution service.

We use adult only, mostly retired and semi-retired, carefully managed Post People™.Our Post People™ are recruited with reliability and moral compass in mind. Only the most trustworthy individuals make it through the process.

Our Post People™ are given a fully detailed map of the streets they are delivering to. They are also given a report form to detail exactly how many households they have delivered to and all properties they can’t deliver to. How does this affect delivery? Each Post Person is fully aware and accountable for their daily deliveries and what is more, they take pride in their work.

Our Post People™ are given a 12 point Instructions document explaining exactly what they are required to do. We don’t merely send them out with a map and a bag full of leaflets. Great care goes into each and every scheduled delivery. They know where to go, what to do and we gather up all that information to give to you after the delivery has been completed.

They sign a legally binding contract confirming exactly what they are being contracted to do. On average they are given 1,000 letterboxes to deliver to and 7 days to complete the work. This is ample time to deliver each leaflet with care.

We place one of our own leaflets (DAL – Delivery Audit Leaflet) with the distribution. Both the Franchisees and Head Office monitors the response to these (DAL) leaflets on a daily basis. What does this mean? It means that we know exactly how well each area is doing, and which Post People™ are excelling.

Our ‘Post People™ Wanted’, and ‘Are We Delivering’ leaflets are the main way we recruit our local distribution team, so you know you can trust the distribution service, as we even use it for our own business! We also have a locally recruited network of LEAFLET LOOKOUTS, who we call to verify the delivery of the leaflets. No stone is left unturned!

This extremely robust system has been proven to work over 30 years and through our network of nearly 70 franchisees across the UK.

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We are Full Members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), Approved Franchise Association (AFA) and licensed by Ofcom – the Office of Communications.

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