Know Your Customers – The Importance Of Targeted Leaflet Distribution

Know Your Customers

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Of the very many different forms of marketing and advertising your business, leaflet distribution is one of the few that will deliver your message right into the hands of your customers.

Leaflet distribution is not only direct, measurable and significantly more cost-effective than other methods, but it is also streamlined marketing that you can tailor to your business. It is also now something of a novelty – with the upsurge of digital information and social media!

Even in our fast-moving digital age, consumers appreciate information about local services being provided by door to door distribution. In a recent survey, 51% of adults said that they valued information about local services being shared with them in this way*.

Whatever the nature of your business is, or which segments of the general public you aim to target, Dor-2-Dor can help you to effectively target them – making your sure message gets into the right hands.

By carefully assessing the objectives of your campaign, Dor-2-Dor can help you to develop a detailed profile of your targeted customers and enable you to efficiently market your business to appropriate areas that will be most beneficial and lucrative to your business.

By delivering a leaflet to a potential customer in their own home, you are giving them the opportunity to engage with your business, when it is convenient to them. They can choose when to read your leaflet and they can increase the reach of that leaflet by pinning it to their fridge or by passing it on to their friends or family members. A whopping 87% of consumers remember door drops, compared to only 35% who remember information received by email, according to Marketing Week.

Whilst there is a common perception that vast swathes of direct mail goes straight into the bin, this is not, in fact, the reality.

Dor-2-Dor has even been granted a Postcomm License by Ofcom, the Government’s Communication Watchdog, that permits us to deliver ‘addressed mail’ to local residential households and businesses – just like Royal Mail. Through its ‘regular post’ appearance, the impact of this type of mail is much greater because the recipient is much more likely to open the envelope your message contains.

What is more, 93% of consumers like getting door drop product samples, vouchers or offers through their doors**. So, if you have a business that you could sample, it is a great way of creating a lasting impression on your customers.

* Official Direct Marketing Association research.
** Fresh Minds research for Royal Mail.

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