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If you live in the United Kingdom and have access to any of the channels of communications, you cannot have failed to notice that Leicester City Football Club are now champions of the English premier league.

They have achieved this against all the odds and have rightly received praise from all corners of the media.

With a team that cost only £54 million, (Chelsea’s team cost £290 million) Leicester’s triumph has not only attracted constructive praise, but also a fair amount of hyperbole.

One reporter claimed that Leicester has re-defined the way the premiership will be won in the future. Unless there is a change in the rules and points are given for best team strip on top of those won on the pitch, the league will have to be won in the future as it has been in the past, winning more points than all the other teams.

Their win has also been described as a fairy tale and attributed to King Richard 111, whose skeleton was found under a car park in the city and re-buried in Leicester Cathedral.

Although all of this makes excellent reading and viewing for the public’s entertainment, it somehow takes away what the football club has actually achieved: winning by being the best team in the premier league.


Leicester City won the title by doing exactly what was required of them. They played to their strengths and were not discouraged by the occasional setback, and more importantly, they were not discouraged by those who said they would not succeed.

All the staff, both backroom, and players knew exactly what was expected of them and performed their tasks to the best of their ability.

The campaign was successful because everyone remained focused on the final goal and never gave up.

Leicester City’s campaign to win the premier league title has many things in common with successful leaflet distribution campaigns.

Business people who successfully use leaflet campaigns also have dependable backroom staff, their designers, copywriters, printers and most importantly their distribution company.

They also focus on the results, they refuse to listen to those who say leaflet distributions do not work and are never discouraged by minor setbacks.

In addition, they make sure, when their team, their leaflet, goes out; it is fit and ready for the task ahead.

It will be well designed, easy to read, and full of the benefits their company has to offer.

So if you want to make sure your leaflet campaigns always score well for you, take a tip from Leicester City Football club, and keep hitting the back of the net.

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