Eye-Catching Leaflet Design

Eye Catching Leaflet Design
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How to create Eye-Catching Leaflet Designs that work.

Leaflet dropping is all about relevance to the reader, but you need to catch the reader’s attention so that you can engage their interest in your offering.

Present it to the reader and make the right impression and that leaflet will not only be kept, it will be acted upon.

Whether you need your potential customers to act on a short time offer, or you simply want to make them aware of the services you offer, your results are directly linked to the design of the leaflet. It needs to be eye-catching and in keeping with the style of your business so that your customers know what to expect and can’t resist reading the whole leaflet.

Leaflet design is not as straightforward as you might imagine.

Sometimes there is a temptation to fill up all the available space with text, getting as much information to your customer as you can. However, you only get a few short seconds to make a good first impression and grab their attention and keep it.

Fill the page with text and they may scan it and find something that explains to them the point of your leaflet but they may not.

Many people on picking up the leaflet from the doormat will assume it’s not relevant to them and not take notice of its content. The trick, therefore, is not to waste this valuable opportunity that they have your leaflet in their hand and they are looking at it.

Generally, we read a leaflet from the top and work down the page, therefore the headline is a highly important factor in engaging their attention and getting them to believe that this could be something of interest to them.

Text only leaflets

These will only usually come from political or religious organisations, and these are an immediate turn on or turn off depending on the reader (mostly a turn off) and if it’s a positive reaction the text content will be absorbed further.

However, if you are selling a product or service the headline when carefully designed will draw them in and then the message must move powerfully on to build on this initial interest and get the reader wanting what you have on offer.

A well-designed leaflet will find a perfect balance between images and text.

You need enough information to explain the purpose of the leaflet and the type of offer you are making, but it needs to be displayed in an impactful manner, with the benefits to the reader of your product or service. Usually in not too many words and in a pleasant and easy to read font.

You need to make it simple for the customer to understand and do the work for them.

Make the design current using up to date ideas but don’t over design it or be too clever, this is a door drop not an advert in a glossy magazine.

Remember the most important response driver are the words you use as Andy Owen the well-known direct marketing copywriting specialist says,

“As a writer words are your weapons. They are the arrows in your quiver; you should always strive to use the most effective ones. The words that make people do positive things”.

The whole idea behind leaflet dropping is to gain a response and generate further business.

A well-designed leaflet has been shown to double and even triple the response rate in some cases. Make it easy for your customers and give them what they want in terms of design and copy and you are much more likely to have a successful response from your door to door leaflet campaign.

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