How Long Does It Take to Distribute 1000 Leaflets?

How Long Does It Take to Distribute 1000 Leaflets

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When it comes to promoting a local business, there’s no more efficient method than leaflet distribution.

Unlike digital marketing methods, leaflets are a tangible reminder of your business and help keep your brand in the minds of your customers.  In fact, leaflet distribution is so effective that 48% of consumers say that they respond to leaflet ads, a far higher percentage than digital methods and even TV and radio advertising.

The Time it Takes to Deliver 1,000 Leaflets

On average, one deliverer will distribute approximately 1,000 leaflets in 8 hours. While around 8 hours is a general rule for the delivery of 1,000 leaflets, this is based on a city centre or housing estate where buildings are close together. This will differ between areas dependant on how long the drives are and the distances between properties or even how many steps they have to go up to get to a property, so less walking is required between each letterbox.

What’s interesting is just how far our leaflet distributors walk each day to deliver those 1,000 leaflets. To give you an example, to deliver to this area below of 1,100 houses took the deliverer 8 hours in total and they walked 20.8 kilometres. Their average walking pace was just over 24 minutes per km.

To put that into context, this distance is the same as walking from Harpenden town centre to Potters Bar town centre. This would usually take around 4 hours to complete but at the average walking pace to deliver leaflets, assuming the deliverer was able to maintain a continuous pace of 24 minutes per kilometre, this walk would have taken 8 hours to complete.

As you can see, a lot of walking and time goes into delivering just 1,000 leaflets for each of our Post People, and with an approximate cost for distribution starting at £45+vat per 1,000, it’s an extremely fair price.

What is GPS tracking?

GPS tracking is fundamental to reliable leaflet delivery. It gives us an extremely high-level overview of what is going on at the street level.

Our efficient delivery team carry GPS (Global Positioning System) logging device which shows and tracks their precise location at any time during the delivery process. This means that we are able to keep an eye on how your delivery is going, and, on completion of the project, we check this data thoroughly to make sure that all is as it should be.

We know; how long the round took, the average speed of the deliverer and the distance walked! We can also see any areas or homes missed, identify anomalies with our own maps and ensure they are updated with new builds and spot homes that are trickier to find or access.

The Cost

Leaflet distribution is also one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising. There are different types of delivery methods available, and so prices will, of course, vary, but, as a rule of thumb, printing and delivery of 5,000 A6 leaflets will cost you as little as £378* with a much higher ROI than digital marketing solutions.

At DOR-2-DOR, we offer a couple of different options for distribution; you can choose to either have a dedicated service where we deliver just your leaflets (Solus) or, you can choose a more affordable method whereby your leaflets are delivered along with other, non-competing, customers (Shareplan).

*Not including design, VAT applies to distribution, price as at Oct 21


Leaflet distribution is still an incredibly effective way of getting your message across in an increasingly digital world.  When it comes to the timing of your leaflet distribution campaign, we’ll always discuss this with you so that you know what to expect and, our detailed reporting system gives you complete peace of mind that your leaflets are falling into the right hands every time.

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